Congratulations to Chanel A.!

"Massage, the gift that keeps on giving" January 2015 recipient.

You've Asked For It, Now You Have It!

"Now, is the time for you to take time for yourself.  Enjoy the relaxing and refreshing sense of well-being that comes with the right spa treatments for you."


Come and indulge in the unbelievable, ultimate Exhale Spa Escapes experience.  Our massage therapy and spa services are provided in a residential studio.  The environment has been transformed into a serene paradise.  The atmosphere is of soft music, candle lights, and sweet smells.  You can get-a-way to a place with the comforts of home or partake in the same pleasures in the privacy of your own home.  We also provided out-call experiences for some of our services.


Indulge in any of the following treatments:


  • Integrated Massage
  • Salt Massage
  • Heated Stone Massage
  • Hand Scrub
  • Foot Bath
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Mediation/ Relaxation Session
  • Yoga Session
  • Aromatherapy and more...


Treat yourself, your friends or family. Exhale Spa Escapes gift certificates are available!


Call today for an appointment!


At Exhale Spa Escapes we strive to meet our clients' every expectation, in hopes of exceeding it.  We value professional high quality service and standards.

Contact us  at 901.754.1153 or readytoexhale@exhalespaescapes.com to schedule your appointment.

Corporate Wellness: Planning and Implementing an Effective Employee Wellness Program

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By Darlene M Richardson Article Word Count:453   Corporate Wellness Programs are being implemented to promote health among employees. Employee Wellness Program (EWP) goals are to educate, inform and bring awareness to individual health and safety. Companies use wellness programs as a way to increase productivity and morale while, decreasing healthcare costs, absenteeism and presenteeism. Businesses large and small are facilitating activities and programs that focus on preventive health and health maintenance. Employers are also working...

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Take Time Out: Plan Your Sabbatical

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 By Darlene M Richardson Article Word Count:416   Vacation, hiatus, get-a-way, retreat, or sabbatical anyway you word it, a sabbatical is something people take to recharge, regroup and refresh their lives. In an age where employees are coping with added pressures by devoting extra hours to prove their worth to their employers, sabbaticals are needed.   Others who may need time off include business owners, parents, and caregivers who struggle with the inability to delegate tasks and let go. Most people are now constantly connected...

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Organic vs Non-Organic

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Organic food is healthier and safer than food produced conventionally. Many people ask the question, are organic foods safer? More nutritious? My conclusion is yes, ultimately is… anything consumed by the human body that is as close to its natural state as God intended is better for you over all.  Your body can process it better. All people should consume organic foods and conventional foods better regulated. Conventional foods have been exposed to… Chemical fertilizers to promote growth Insecticides to reduce pests and disease Chemical...

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Patience as a Virtue

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Why is patience a virtue? Now who said patience is a virtue? In my research I was not successful at finding the origin of the phrase or motto from a reliable source , but I know like me, many of have heard the phase before. In this post, I plan to explain my thoughts and reasons for why I feel patience is a virtue. According to Dictionary.com, simply put patience is an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.  Virtue refers to moral excellence, goodness and righteousness. I have learned that...

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Just To Get By

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As a society we have gotten comfy cozy with our state of being, not giving particular attention to whether or not we are truly living the life we are meant to live, or functioning at our highest level.  We often times get into a routine and settle for just getting by, making excuses (my children/ family need me more than I need myself, I can’t afford to take care of myself, etc.) for why we are not applying ourselves towards our best life.  In this respect, we find our lives lacking meaning.  This discontentment makes way for unhappiness...

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Take Time to Reflect.

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  While sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctor’s office recently I noticed a striking and complex picture hanging on the wall.  The picture is entitled Swans Reflecting Elephants by Salvador Dali.  I immediately began to conduct my personal analysis/ interpretation of the meaning of the picture.  It details three swans purposefully placed on a body of water.  On the surface it is simply that (swans on water), but in the reflection in the water there are three elephants pictured.  To me this initially represented life in...

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