Happy New Year 2014! If You Did’nt Know How Old You Were

Happy New Year 2014! If You Did’nt Know How Old You Were

Jan 12


Hey Pretty People!

It’s a new year and a great time to recharge- refresh-renew your mind-body-spirit.  As we embark on the year 2014 we are excited about the opportunities to recommit to healthy habits, whether they are personal or professional, and set intentions for ourselves and those we care about.  After setting those intentions, we create and practice a plan of action to make our intentions our reality.  Exhale Incorporated is available able and willing to assist you on your personal journey to optimal wellness.  We provide a variety of modalities to support you.  We are offering complimentary wholistic wellness consultations to guide you in determining the best wholistic wellness practices for you.  Those of you who are ready to make positive change or desire to progress further along on the wellness spectrum towards optimal health and well-being should give us a call to get the ball rolling. 

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" Satchel Paige


wellness continuum pic

The Wellness Continuum was developed by John W. Travis and his colleague Don Ardell, PhD in the late 1970s and has been used as a model for wellness since that time.  The Wellness Continuum depicts a spectrum of wellness in which ones state of health/wellness could be defined.  One end of the wellness continuum reflects illness and dis-ease and the opposite end reflects optimal wellness. 

At Exhale Incorporated we believe that optimal wellness is the highest level of wellness which is unknown.  We feel it is unknown in the same way that one’s overall personal best would be unknown.  For example you may have been able to perform 10 push-ups in 1 minute last year and this year you may top that by performing 14 push-ups in 1 minute.  Would you know how high that number could get??? ...probably not in all certainty over the course of your life.  Optimal Wellness is quite the same in that you can expect and speculate how great of health and state of well-being you will achieve in your life, but once you achieve that place you may find that it gets greater and so on. 

Another year is here and another year of your life may pass by and by.  We don’t know how many years of our life we will live.  The decisions, choices and actions we practice today and for the rest of our lives will dictate what our life’s journey will be and the quality of life we will have upon reaching the age of 80-90-100+.  You can positively affect your current state of health and quality of life by making wholistic wellness practices to balance mind-body-spirit a part of your healthy lifestyle now.


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