Corporate Wellness

Specializing in stress management and relaxation, we are your best choice for personal and corporate wellness.

-The Wholistic Approach-

An Introduction to Employee Wellness Programming in the Organization


The Reasons Organizations are Adopting a Wholistic Approach to Employee Wellness Programming

-           In the aftermath of downsizing, outsourcing and the economy people are now operating in high stress situations and expected to continue to achieve maximum results.

-          The pace of business has changed and people are in need of support in embracing that change.

-          Worldwide, health care costs have increased the need for preventive health, self care and alternative treatments.

-          The wholistic employee wellness program increases productivity while decreasing absenteeism and presenteeism. 

How Employee Wholistic Wellness Programs Benefit the Organization and Individuals

-           Attracts and retains good employees

-          Keeps workers healthy

-          Improves employee productivity

-          Reduces employee health care costs

What Take Times’ Employee Wholistic Wellness Program Is…

-           A healthy lifestyle choice

-          A simple, fun and collaborative process in which personal optimal health is pursued

-          A trusting and supportive environment were education and best practices are shared and tools are learned to help one grow continually

Take Time Employee Wholistic Wellness Program Areas

-          Stress management

-          Burnout prevention

-          Work-life balance


Our Wholistic Wellness Program Methods

-          Corporate Wellness Coaching (Employee Wellness Program Planning, Development, Implementation and Evaluation)

-          Group/ Individual coaching  (In-Person, Tele-Coaching, E-Coaching)

-          Lunch and Learn Sessions

-          eZines/ Newsletters

-          Workshops, Seminars, Retreats and Events

-          On-Site Massage Therapy

-          Yoga/Meditation Sessions