HEALthy Self T.E.A.

Building from the heart of the mission and vision of EXHALE Incorporated, The HEALthy Self TEA series was developed to serve as a holistic wellness initiative, introducing, educating, and motivating individuals to make and Take Time to nurture and maintain natural balance in their lives.


 The sessions are facilitated by wholistic wellness professional Darlene Richardson, who is a certified corporate wellness coach, licensed massage therapist, and certified group fitness instructor.  Having an extensive background in various areas of wellness and working with people from a large range of ages and professions, Darlene can relate to the needs of those who have a desire to care for self but struggle with making a commitment and working a plan to do so.


Did you know?  When functioning in ones most natural state an individual has all necessary components to achieve and maintain optimal health and operate most effectively and efficiently, understanding that in order to bless others one must bless self.  This does not mean being selfish but rather open to positioning self for whole wellness and emphasizing the theory that everything you need to be totally well you already have (this includes time), all you must do is simply nurture the mind, body, and spirit collectively.



 What is HEALthy Self TEA?

  • an informative, inspirational, empowering conversation on wholistic wellness areas including mental, physical, and spiritual health (from self healing to life management)
  • an unique and simple approach to creating a life worth living well. An awakening experience
  • an ideal for "busy" people who are motivated to let go and thoroughly invest in personal growth, self discovery, self healing, holistic health and natural-conscious living


What can I expect?

  • an open, supportive, and non-judgmental environment: a learning experience and thought sharing session.
  • a gathering and network of like minded individuals joining in the journey to living well.
  • an informal discussion moderated by a wholistic wellness professional



(There is no fee for HEALthy Self TEA sessions. These sessions are brought to you complimentary of EXHALE Incorporated.) 


What will I discover?

  • a new day
  • revitalized energy
  • a renewed spirit
  • positive change


 EXHALE Incorporated's goals for these events includes taking a simple approach to a very complex form of being well, whole, and healthy by providing an open, supportive and non-judgmental environment to converse, discuss, and brainstorm ideas centered on the topic of whole wellness.


HEALthy Self T.E.A.—The Happy New You! Interfriendtion Edition

Intervene on behalf of those you love and care about. Support you friends and family in living life well.

Host a Happy New You! HEALthy Self T.E.A. during the month of January and receive 30 days of personal wholistic wellness coaching services for yourself as my love offering to you (a $175 value).

1.      Download your HEALthy Self T.E.A. Planning Packet

2.      Gather and share with your friends and family

3.     Start or Restart your journey to wellness

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