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We provide a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular services are shown below. Please contact us for more information on services, products, current promotions and custom options.


Massage Treatments


Note: All massage services are priced as follows unless otherwise noted (Premium Services).  All prices are subject to, but not likely to, change without notice.  The time indicated reflects time for actual hands on service time, not reflecting intake and outtake processes under normal circumstances.

30 minutes= $35

45 minutes= $50

60 minutes= $60

75 minutes= $75

90 minutes= $90


**Integrated Wellness Massage:

A massage using a variety of long, flowing, rhythmic strokes in combination with firm, intentional pressure that flush away toxins and release tension caused by the rigors of everyday stress.  Relax and recoup in an environment where problems melt away and a deepened sense of well-being is reclaimed.


Custom Integrated Wellness Massage

 Add 1-3 service enhancements for $5 each

♥ Aromatherapy

♥ Hot/Cold Towel Therapy

♥ Paraffin Wax Treatment

♥ Reflexology

♥ Hand, Foot or Back Scrub


**Focused Integrated Wellness Massage:

A 30-45 minute concentrated massage focused on specific areas of tension and stress.

♥ Hands & Arms

♥ Head, Face and Scalp

♥ Legs & Feet

♥ Back, Neck and Shoulders

♥ Chest & Abdomen


**Signature Wholistic Wellness Massage:

Designed for extreme relaxation of the body and clarity of the mind, this massage is an ensemble  of energetic yet soothing and nurturing strokes accompanied by guided meditation and breathwork. 

60 minutes= $80

75 minutes= $95

90 minutes= $110


**Swe-Thai Massage:

A unique integration of Thai/Yoga Massage and Swedish/Relaxing Massage received and performed on a massage table (versus a mat).  It is a blend of yoga stretches and massage techniques, great for tension and stress release in the neck, back and hips and well as balancing of the mind, body and spirit.

90 minutes= $95


**On-Site/ Chair Massage:

This is an introduction to massage, a short 5-20 minute session, which includes shoulders, neck, back, head, arms, and hands.  Massage can be received fully clothed in a portable massage chair.  This form of massage is popular at some offices, conferences, workshops, and social events.

  •  $75/first hour, $60/additional hour (1 hour minimum)
  •  $1/minute as an add-on service (1 hour minimum)



** Couples Wellness Massage:

During this heavenly 120 minute four hand experience, discover the joy and relaxation you can feel by both giving and receiving touch that is intentional and therapeutic.  You are guided by a licensed massage professional that will provide information and background knowledge on the art and application of massage.

  •  ~2 hours $185


Spa Services


Heated Stone Massage:

Beautifully created massage incorporating hot stones. Feel the heat transfer to your tense, sore muscles and manipulate deep tissues as the smooth Basalt lava stones glide across your body, relaxing, and balancing in this ancient tradition.

  • ~1.5 hours- $120


Salt Massage:

Extend the experience of massage with the use of salts that stimulate the body, refresh the skin, and alleviate soreness.  It is then followed by an application of body moisturizer that replenishes hydration and leaves you feeling smooth.

  •  1 hour  $85


** Foot Bath w/ Meditation/Relaxation Exercise:

A tranquil foot soak in Therapeutic Spa Minerals begins this ritual.  Your feet feel like satin as foot scrub is used to cleanse the skin, calm the spirit and, massage away tension. All this as dimmed lights and deep breathing and relaxation techniques create the perfect sanctuary of peace and tranquility.  Stress and tension melt away with cool eye pads and a heated herbal neck wrap that instantly relieves tension as you indulge in the aroma of therapeutic herbs.


** Hand Scrub and Massage:

This treatment starts with Dead Sea salts to gently exfoliate while soothing natural oils nourish, moisturize, and protect for younger hands.  This is followed by a gentle hand massage utilizing lotion that softens and soothes hands while creating a barrier against dehydration.


**Hot/ Cold Towel Therapy:

Aid in soothing and healing sore, aching muscles.


Paraffin Wax Treatment:

This treatment delivers fast, temporary relief from chronic arthritis, joint stiffness, sport injuries, muscle spasms, and inflammation.  It also helps to retain moisture in hands and feet.



Heighten the effects of massage and deepen your sense of relaxation with essential oils suited to stimulate, rejuvenate, and heal.



An ancient art using specific pressure points on the hands and feet.  This type of bodywork is used to reestablish the flow of energy throughout the body, and relieve stress.



A healing method using one's own life force energy to cleanse and balance the mind, body and spirit.


  Other Services

*  Stress Management Workshops

*  Pampering Sessions for Employee Appreciations, Nurse's Week, Teacher's Day, and Employee Morale Boosters, etc.

*  In- Home Spa Escapes for Social Groups

*  Girls Night Out Events

*  Spa Birthday Parties for Women

*  Bridal and Baby Showers

*Women's and Couples Retreats

*  Too Blessed To Be Stressed Workshops

*  Fundraisers and More!




                   Mobile Spa Services                 

**Mobile Spa Services Available

Out-Call Fee- $35

(we will come to you within a 20 mile radius)


Prices are subject to change without notice

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